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Carmen Chirica

The shape, the colors, the music, the poetry, the dance, the movement, the love, the force, the passion are some of the essential elements of my artistic creation materialized in sculptures in stone. All of these I feel when I hit the stone. I convey the emotions of life, looking for the same thing inside the stone.

I’ve been doing this for many years, or better, I’ve never quit until I’ve been able to give the life of the stone. After I realize a sculpture, I feel like after a birth.

I find myself in the national anthem and in the Romanian traditions. That’s why I add in my art works many elements and symbols that resonate with my national identity.

Sculpting, I resonate with the universe’s vibratings from where I extract elements, shapes, symbols, emotions.

I always admired the beautiful and I always wanted to express it. I manage to express the beauty through dance, lyrics, photography, painting, music. But I manage the best through sculpture.

I love the shape and the volume. I love the stone.

Web site: www.carmenchirica.com

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