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Edi Apostu


   Edi APOSTU realize one-of-a-kind original and highest quality handmade fine art inspired by Zen – meditation with no object:  HOLOTROPIC  ART.

       Edi APOSTU is the initiator of the concept of Holotropic Art based on the idea of ​​”self discovery” through introspection.    

      The  Holotropic Art is the art which is the result of transpersonal experiences and which can transpose the beholder into states of overconsciousness. (Edi Apostu, Ph.D. / 2006)

Web Site:     www.ediapostu.com

Email:          office@ediapostu.com

Phone:         +44 7399339323



International Confederation of Art Critics

Spiral of Time. 8207

Deep Blue Shadow

The Jade Holotropic Sword


Spiral of Time. Mandala

Dartford Bridge. Floating

Bridge over Moon

Astronomia Tower

Burning Sun. Dartford

Bridge over Moon. Metropolis


Spiral of Time. Out of order